Gemini’s Ember RN, RA, CGC, TDI

Bobby (blk & wht) x TaniMarasAmber (red & wht)

AKC: # DN08994201

ABCA – 247020

DOB – 06/21/04 red & white ( ee red carrier )

Zoe is spayed

Zoe, Tina’s first Border Collie, got her hooked on the breed. She is a traditionally marked red and white border collie with the typical Border Collie personality. Zoe is what the ideal working Border Collie should be, a loving, loyal companion going everywhere she can with Tina; yet filled with boundless energy and a want to work no matter what the weather conditions may be. Being the first Border Collie Tina has owned, Zoe has done her best to break Tina in.
Zoe earned her Canine Good Citizen when she was four months old. Tina started Search and Rescue training with Zoe, but because of her work schedule Tina wasn’t able to continue the training; although Zoe was showing real promise as a SAR dog. At the age of 2 1/2 Zoe earned her Therapy Dog Certificate.