GCh Balmoral I’ll Make A Coat Out Of You TKN TKI RATN

Ch Zecara’s Cooler Than Me CGC (Gold & white) x Balmoral’s Better Than Revenge FD, FDX, TF (black and white)

AKC: # DN44158301
DOB: 09/21/15 (Gold and White)

Cruella was supposed to be Tina’s boyfriend, Rich’s very first puppy, he fell in love with her. However, Cruella being Cruella had her own mind and decided she is a mommy’s girl and is very attached to Tina. She is proving she has a very bright future ahead of her in not only conformation but in performance events as well. She is a true clown, always being as silly as possible. Cruella is coming into her own and will be a force to be reckoned with.