About us

My true love for dogs started when I was just 11 years old and began raising Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was through this that my love for “all things dog” really started. I was involved in raising Guide Dogs till I was a Senior in High School. From there I began training my own dogs and during my Senior year I started working at a training kennel in my home town. Once in College I became a dog groomer, which I did over the next 10 years. In 2004 I got my first Border collie, Zoe after loving and eyeing the breed for years. 🙂 From there my love for the breed has grown. I am actively competing in conformation, rally, obedience and flyball with my dogs and dabbled in many other amazing activities that they really enjoy.

In 2013 Rich joined the Balmoral team and has hit the ground running. He has taken over running the dogs in Flyball (until I get another dog race ready) and have even jumped in the conformation ring when needed (beating me his first time in!). He may not have fully known what he was in for with the Border Collies, but he loves it all and I’m so grateful to have him by our side.

The origin of Balmoral Border Collies:
Balmoral comes from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, that was one of the residences of the royal family since 1852. In 1871 Queen Victoria saw her first Border Collie at the Castle and was attracted to their “beauty, spirit and devotion”.

Thank you

I’d like to say special thanks to Kim Hastings for her years of knowledge, mentor- and friendship and Orshi Horvath of Overdrive Creations for her friendship and knowing exactly how I wanted my website to look like without me saying a word.

And last but not least to our amazing puppy buyers who have become family!